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Kenneth Raymond is a CMTer who was first diagnosed with Type 1 CMT in late 2002, at the age of 29. He was genetically confirmed to have CMT1A a year later. Kenneth has devoted his life since diagnosis to studying, researching, and learning all things CMT, with an emphasis on the genetics of CMT as they relate to everyday CMTers, and with an equal emphasis on CMT-related respiratory impairment.

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“Through Education and Awareness, Our Goal is to Improve the Lives of Those Who are Living with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease.”

  --Kenneth Raymond

     Founder, Experts in CMT


A blogger, an author, a CMT-related respiratory impairment expert, and a CMT genetics expert, Kenneth is a CMT advocate who is committed to raising CMT awareness through fact-based information rooted in the latest understandings of CMT.


Kenneth is passionate about sharing all things CMT, from a CMT patient’s perspective and in a way that engages everyday CMTers and practicing clinicians alike, so that every member of the CMT community can have a deeper understanding of this complex disease. Kenneth specializes in taking the technical out of the technical and the medical out of the medical, thus rendering the inherently complicated and complex into relatable narratives.

Kenneth’s groundbreaking book, CMT-Associated Genes and Their Related Subtypes: The Definitive Guide, is available as a free pdf download. This guide represents a comprehensive accounting of the identified subtypes and a comprehensive inclusive listing of all discovered CMT-associated genes, as of its August 2021 publication. This guide discusses the many non-CMT acronym types and subtypes to clarify for everyday CMTers and for practicing clinicians how each are CMT, as determined by the CMT experts. This guide also discusses the limitations of CMT genetic testing as those limitations relate to everyday CMTers who are yet to obtain a genetic confirmation of their CMT, and so much more. This guide is also the basis for the Experts in CMT’s CMT genetics database—the only publicly available and searchable CMT database of its kind. This guide is available exclusively from the CMTA at this link: CMT-Associated Genes and Their Related Subtypes: The Definitive Guide.

Kenneth's second book, titled "CMT Gene and Subtype Discovery: The Complete Bibliography-Fall 2022 Release," is a desk reference for the everyday CMTer, the practicing clinician, and the CMT researcher. With no organization, entity, or authoritative body tracking and cataloging CMT subtype genetic discoveries and publications, finding this most basic of CMT-related information can be quite difficult. This book fills this void by bringing together into a single source a reference for each original publication that announces and establishes every CMT subtype discovered to date. Whether you are an everyday CMTer, a practicing clinician, a CMT researcher, or just somebody who wants to learn more, this book is for you.


"Kenneth Raymond's first book 'CMT-Associated Genes and Their Related Subtypes: The Definitive Guide' is an essential reference text for all those with an interest in CMT. His new book, 'Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Gene and Subtype Discovery: The Complete Bibliography,' is a welcomed addition to the CMT knowledge bank, keeping pace with this rapidly advancing field. These two books are my personal go-to guides for gene and subtype information. I highly commend the author's dedication to CMT genetics research and his enduring commitment to support and inform the patient community."
--Katherine Forsey, PhD. Chief Research Officer, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association



Available only on Amazon at this link.

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