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It’s your genetic test result. You should be allowed to know everything it’s saying, and more importantly, everything it’s not.

-- Kenneth Raymond
   Founder, Experts in CMT


Genetic testing is an important part of diagnosing CMT. The test result report, however, is confusing and written in medicalese, not intended for the average person to consume. The reports are written in such a way that their purpose is to help aid your doctor with interpreting what the results mean for you, and not much else. Once you get a copy of the report, it often appears to contradict what your doctor explained. Internet research often leads to more questions than answers and often leads to dead ends. There is an easy way to break through the confusion so that you’ll know exactly what your CMT genetic test results are telling your doctor.


Your genetic test result isn’t a secret code that only doctors are able to crack. Experts in CMT is here to help by providing genetic test result analysis services. It’s your genetic test result. You should be allowed to know everything it’s saying, and more importantly, everything it’s not. Let us bridge the gap between the mysterious test report and the real information you need for talking to your doctor about your results.

Does Experts in CMT Provide a Diagnosis?


Experts in CMT is not a licensed healthcare provider, we do not give out medical advice, and we do not offer or provide medical diagnostic services. Instead, what our genetic test analysis provides is an easy to follow comprehensive discussion on exactly what your test result is telling your doctor and what it’s not saying. Our analysis takes the medical out of the medical by translating everything into easy relatable everyday terms and narratives. At the same time, our analyses are written in a way that your doctor would appreciate if you were to share the analysis with them.

How Long Will it Take To Complete My Analysis?


A typical analysis is usually completed within 7 to 10 business days after your genetic test result is received. Your analysis may be completed much sooner, and some might take longer for several reasons. Once complete, your analysis will be delivered to you as a pdf file. Our analyses are quite extensive. While some might only be a couple of pages, an average analysis will have 7 or 8 pages, and sometimes more. A typical analysis requires 5 to 10 hours of expert genetics evaluation specific to your test result. This could be longer depending on the number of mutations identified in your report and their complexities. 

What is the Cost of This Service?


Rather than charging a fixed fee for this genetic test analysis service, Experts in CMT only asks that you consider a donation at a level that you comfortable with. While donations are not required, they are greatly appreciated. Experts in CMT’s mission with this genetic test analysis service is to provide you with the information and knowledge you need so that you can have as informed of a conversation about your test result with your doctor as is possible. For this reason, this is not a fee-based service. Rather, we only ask that you consider a  voluntary donation.

How Much does Conventional Genetic Test Result Analysis Typically Cost?


It’s difficult to draw a cost comparison for the genetic test result analysis offered by Experts in CMT. We are the only one to offer the type of comprehensive analysis our service provides. We can, however, consider some generalized healthcare consultation costs that serve as a comparison.


According to, the average non-insured cost of genetic consultation in the US is more than $150 per hour. According to, the average geneticist non-insured consultation fee in the US is more than $250 for a 30 minute visit. According to Medical Expenditure Panel Survey 2016, the average non-insurance cost for a specialist visit  in the US is more than $400 for a 30 minute consultation, inflation adjusted.


Although we don’t charge a fixed-fee for this service and instead only ask that you consider a voluntary donation at a level you are comfortable with, the above offers a comparable view of the costs often associated with consultations related to genetic test results. We ask that you consider these costs when assessing the value our service has to you.

How do I Request an Analysis of My Genetic Test Result?


If you wish to request a genetic test analysis, you must first create a free account by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. You’ll be asked to provide your first and last name, your email address, and you’ll be prompted to set a password. After entering your information, you’ll receive an email with a clickable link for verifying your email. Clicking that link verifies your email and brings you back to this website. When you first log in to your new account, you’ll be prompted to create your private profile by entering your first and last name again. We do this as a verification step to safeguard your identity. After clicking the Create Profile button, you’ll be redirected to your private profile page that only you can see.


From your private profile page, you’ll be able to request an analysis of your genetic test result by clicking a button to upload your test result. Clicking the button takes you to our genetic test analysis request form. After filling in some basic information about yourself, you’ll be able to attach and securely upload your test result. (submitted reports must be in .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg, or .png file formats). You’ll receive an email confirming receipt of your request and receipt of your test result. You’ll again receive an email when your analysis is complete, and you’ll be able to download your analysis from your private profile page.

Is My Private Health Information I Share Secure?


The security of your identity and private health information is paramount. To protect your data, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layers) for data transfer, creating a secure tunnel protected by 128-bit or higher AES encryption. To protect your confidential information from unauthorized access, Experts in CMT have designed policies and controls that safeguard the collection, use, and disclosure of your information.

Ready to Request Your Genetic Test Analysis?


Click the below button to create your account and you'll be only moments away from submitting your genetic test result for analysis. Already have an account? Log in and click the button on your private profile page to request your expert analysis.

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